Friday, July 03, 2009

my wee little garden.

so, i'm slowly taking back my garden. laying down newspaper and hay to kill out weeds & grass. getting the hydrogen levels in check. killing hornworms with my bare hands. yes, hornworms beware! dusting with diatomaceous earth to kill other pests (we don't use chemical pesticides). and low and behold, baby fruits are being revealed.

gypsy pepper

itty bitty heirloom tomato

eggplant (still needs some de-pesting)

adorable baby cucumber

giganto jalapeno pepper

now for the million dollar question.... anyone know what this plant is?

it is growing all over our pasture. is it a weed? a baby tree? i do not remember seeing it last year. hoping it is not worrisome. perhaps it's something beneficial? the root actually smells quite good. sweet and spicy. ok, so i don't have a million dollars. but i will award some sort of prize (more than likely mohair or vegetable) to the first person to correctly identify this mystery plant.


Cat Pick said...

It looks quite a lot like sage. Or a salvia. Is it fuzzy at all (like sage) or smell like cat pee (salvia)?

The Beautiful Kind said...

I'm smitten with the gypsy pepper!