Monday, May 11, 2009

where are the flowers?

can't believe it's may already. i thought april showers brought mayflowers and pilgrams. but apparenlty it has brought more rain. tornadoes. winds of 70+ miles an hour. turning my newly planted garden into a swimming pool. i have not given up. i will rebuild, reseed, replant. i'm fairly certain the potatoes will be fine. you should have seen the eyes on them when they went into the ground. crazy long.

along with rain, april has brought more sadness to the rook farm. the loss of our dear sweet goat, bernadett. we are still mourning her absence. especially with the front yard fenced in and every goat getting fat on fresh grass. she would have loved it. she would have also loved being so close to happy joes (the kitchen).

in addition to losing bernadett, we lost our sweet little female piglette, delilah. both her and samson came down with pneumonia shortly after their arrival here. we suspect they contracted it when they were taken to the state university to be examined (this was required by law) in order to be registered. we fought with their breeder against having them registered. we are not planning on breeding them for sale. but their breeder wanted to comply with all the rules and regulations. unfortunately, little delilah wasn't strong enough to fight. despite an intense regimine of antibiotics and immune boosters, she died within a week. samson still has a bit of a cough. and we continue to medicate him as needed. incidently, his registered name was "too big to fail". foreshadowing, perhaps.

and then the worst of all happened, jason's father had a stroke. he has been in the ICU for past two weeks. he's a private man, and wouldn't want to be in the spotlight, so i won't say much. except that all prayers, good thoughts, positive energy and well wishes are greatly appreciated. if it weren't for my father in law, i wouldn't know what a beagle was. i would not have my treasured dog, porkchop (whom my FIL rescued when porkchop was orphaned). and i wouldn't have my partner in crime, my anchor, my heart, my dear husband jason.

on a brighter note, yesterday was mother's day. and my mom paid a visit to the farm. we decided to take the day off. and just relax. ate some omelets (courtesy of our hens). watched a dvd. and spent the rest of the time meandering the fields, feeding the goats and pups, playing with the chickens, and being heckled by the peanut-gallery (donks, horse & llama).

it's me, grandma.

baby snakes giving a mother's day kiss.

albert the mighty little.

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