Friday, May 29, 2009

the goat stork came back...

guess who else is gonna be a daddy?... patrik, our little angora buckling! i've noticed that he and gretta have been sweet on each other for some time. yesterday, when jason & i were having our evening cocktail on the veranda, the goats joined us. and we noticed a sizable milk bag on gretta! i'm thrilled.

patrik, proud father-to-be

we decided to take a peek at the other female goats and guess who else has a bag? 842! yes, our crazy salt and pepper pygmy-mix! herschel can take credit for that one.

a coy 842 lounging under the van

and there is a possibility that violet, one of the twins, is with kid as well. no bag yet. but she is starting to put on considerable weight. too soon to tell though. a goat's weight can fool you. but her and patrik were seen romping around a month or so back.

mother violet?

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The Beautiful Kind said...

I can't wait to see goat bags with my own eyes!!! Very excited to be seeing you and yours soon!