Wednesday, March 18, 2009

happy birthday to me.

yesterday was my birthday. lovely weather. my mom came down for a visit & to help me set up my newly acquired sewing machine. she gave me a cool retro learn-to-sew book from the late 60s that my grandmother had given her. mom gave me a quick lesson (i'm pretty impatient). and i'm proud to say that i now possess the skills to turn machine on and sew a semi-straight line. watch out! there's no stopping me!

just part of my new sewing room

mom & me

jason spoiled me with a magical gift all the way from india... an authentic Gandhi charkha spinning wheel. i remember seeing this many years ago when jason & i watched the movie "Gandhi" and thinking that it looked cool. it's portable, so you can take it anywhere. it folds up into an attache case that looks like a book. i foresee transcendental yarn in my near future.


and my day ended with band practice, Guinness, and del taco! in that order. followed with a coffee infused "allman brothers live at the filmore" car-ride home.

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