Wednesday, February 04, 2009

unempty nest.

so cripple creek moved back outside this past weekend along with patrik. i thought my life would be free of invalid animals. but low and behold, one of our baby chickens came down with a strange neurological disorder. she has a twisted neck which in baby chickens is usually caused by a vitamin deficiency. so i've got her in the baby chicken infirmary (aka back in the incubator since it can maintain a constant regulated temperature). and i've been dosing her with an eyedropper full of vitamin infused water. i'm hoping this will do the trick. she hasn't been able to walk due to the floppy head. but she did manage to stand and eat on her own for a few seconds today. baby steps.

on a brighter note... the first chick to hatch is doing brilliantly. we are calling her blondie because she's quite the outlaw. she's actually a pretty reddish color.

that's blondie in the middle. what a beauty!

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