Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the ringer.


patrik is almost a year old (his birthday is the same day as mine, st patty's day). we were hoping he would be breeding our females by now but angora goats mature slowly. and with his previous illness, he just isn't up to speed. since we are really counting on some baby goats this year, we decided to bring in a ringer. we needed a tried and true buck. someone with experience...

meet herschel

herschel came from herbal maid fiber farm in rosebud, missouri. we picked him up saturday evening. what a handsome buck he is! he's only been here for two days and he's already made a lady friend, marla. of course, we were hoping he would fancy one of our angora does, bernadett or bianka. but instead, he took a liking to our big mean ol' boer goat. oh well, who can explain true love. i'm sure they will produce some lovely bogora kids.

herschel & marla


Kate said...

Just thinking about goat love makes me smile.

Kate said...

Is that weird?

Jason said...

Not at all. We have a closed circuit camera in the barn and watch it on TV in that surreal infrared black and white. That's weird.