Saturday, January 31, 2009

patrik moves out.

today patrik got to move out of our basement cellar and back to the barn. it's been three months and he's got about two inches of new hair growth. it was a perfect day. sun was shining. temp in the 50s.

the whole gang was waiting to welcome him back

lil'ann was all grins

marla greets patrik with a friendly smile

842 screams "hay! it's what's for dinner!"

if only the truth could have been this picturesque. but alas, goats are goats. marla didn't so much offer a smile as her horns. bernadett & bianka also displayed some major head butting action. seems the girls didn't think a smelly billy was necessary. he's staying in a private barn suite tonight. hopefully things will settle down tomorrow. 842 & the GLOPs, however, were truthfully portrayed above.

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