Saturday, December 13, 2008


i have four new black & white photos on display at the factory in farmington. opening is tonight. wine, food, music. will be a nice distraction. seems i've been repairing our fences for forever. dogs still find new ways to get out. they always come back. but still, i worry. it's probably just an adolescent phase. i'm sure they will be fine, calm, stable dogs when they turn three. but that's two years away. and i'm tired.

we were supposed to harvest our hogs this weekend. but mother nature is in their court. it's gonna be in the 50s. not cold enough. they have their hooves crossed for warm weather next weekend too. dagmar's still holding onto his "christmas pig" dream.

and del ray is wishing winter was over already. but it's only just begun...

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Guinnah said...

say it ain't so! May global warming be on the side of your piggies for many weekends to come....
that'll do pig, that'll do.

your vegetarian friend ;-)