Tuesday, December 23, 2008

introducing nellie.

santa came early to our house by way of a man named mike riddle, an old friend of the family. he was really upset when we lost mr daniels back in march. he loved that dog. everyone loved that dog. mike wanted to do something to help ease the pain. he bred his female mountain cur to a champion male cur and got a nice little bunch of pups. surprised jason the otherday by offering him first pic of the litter. all the pups were brindles except for one little red girl (or rather black mouth cur). jason fell in love. we named her nellie after nellie cashman famous pioneer, adventurer, and miner. but her nickname around the house is "little bit".

sleeping with her brothers

sleeping in dad's hat


amber said...

i know she looks cute...but beware if she says she wants to "play". vicious.

Jason Daddycakes said...

As she grows, she wants to play all the time (shudders). She did however give Del Ray a thorough thrashing which pleases me; yes it does.

Think Pink Dana said...

Merry Christmas to you ALL!