Monday, December 29, 2008

the bianka scarf.

i finally reached the bottom of the fleece bag. all of bianka's beautiful first-shear has been spun into yarn by hand using a drop spindle. it took a long time. and i suppose i rendered about two skeins worth of yarn. i made this first batch super thick. partially because i like chunky yarn, and partially because i was still learning. next time i might try being a little more conservative. would like to spin thin enough to be able to create a two-ply yarn out of it.

next, i employed my almost non-existent crocheting skills. i took my little basket of mohair yarn and crocheted a scarf. it's a bit messy but i like it. it reminds me of bianka: soft, curly, & cherubic with just a touch of clumsy.

bianka in may 08 before her first shear

the bianka scarf

up close


AA said...

i LOVE's beautiful!

Kate said...

Agreed. And it looks very cozy!