Tuesday, October 14, 2008

nervous wreck.

today, i published my first two books, "Porkchop's Farm" and "Porkchop's Farm Family". i have been working on them for what seems like forever but really it's only been about six months. it all started back in may when my dad thought it would be nice to have some photography books for his early childhood development center. i had simultaneously been wanting to create a children's book. my dad graciously commissioned the development of two books featuring photos of my farm. since then, i have been traipsing around in the fields patiently waiting for goats, cows, pigs, donkeys, dogs, and one uncompromising llama to conjure specific scenes.

i did the final proof and uploaded them to blurb.com this morning. you would think i would be beaming with joy. instead, i'm a nervous wreck. i thought i was going to throw up when i hit the "upload" button. why? i don't really know. part of me feels like the books aren't finished. but hey, that's what sequels are for, right? but the other part of me feels like i'm just fooling everybody. i get the same sick feeling when i submit a piece of art to a gallery. this isn't art. this isn't work. it's me playing with a bunch of animals and wrapping it up neatly in a wooden frame or hard-bound book and asking for a hand-out.

or maybe it's just all the pizza i ate for breakfast????

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kristi said...

larissa, i can totally see how you can be thinking that. I mean i make doggie shirts and most of the time i think how goofy it is and who would buy these??
but i did read those books at your house and i think you have something there.
you have a unique outlook on things and it comes through in the different art that you do.
i don't get the chance to read many children's books but i thought the pictures were amazing & the stories are really cute. i think they teach about different animals but also the message of.. what you might be looking for might just be there all along. thats what i got out of it anyway.
its scary to put your stuff out there to be judged but you have to take a chance!