Wednesday, September 03, 2008

it's raining and my mini pin won't shut up.

for a little dog, del ray has a big bark. an ear-drum shattering migrane inducing bark. he thinks he is protecting the house from intruding demons (his reflection, moths, jerry the cat, kitchen-sink drain monsters). right now, though, i think he just wants to come inside because it is starting to rain. finally. was supposed to rain this morning. the air has been thick all day.

we are expecting heavy rain and cool temps tomorrow. flash floods. the works. rare for august. all the animals have sought shelter in the barn, the cedar trees, the chicken house, etc... except for the GLOPs. they are fearless and waterproof and waiting for dinner. three scoops of diamond dog food coming up!

thick air

the weather is backwards

please feed us!

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