Saturday, August 30, 2008

monkey goats and talladega donkeys.

guido has been braving his way over to the fence to pow-wow with the pups. he's still a bit shy and takes to mad dashes away. but then again, he takes to mad dashes just for the hell of it. he has a little racetrack up and down the fence line.

shake & bake!

we introduced the newest flock member, refugee and future goat-milk maker.... gretta to the rest of the gang. she came to us with a lump on her neck. many times goats will be culled for such deformities. but on our farm, she has refugee status so culling is not an option. however, we were worried the growth might be CL (Caseous Lymphadenitis) which is a very contagious & fatal goat disease. we separated her from the flock and aspirated the growth with a needle. (yes, being a farmer requires learning basic veterinary skills). thankfully, it was only filled with clear fluid and not thick greenish pus (eww!!!) which would signify CL. the growth is just a goiter! probably due to iodine deficiency which should clear up after a few weeks on pasture. it might also be an infection from an immunization site or even from a splinter or brush. either way, it is not life threatening! i am so relieved!

gretta is an alpine/oberhasli mix. she is very sweet and is fitting in well but tends to startle everyone with her unique voice. sounds like a monkey. no kidding. audio post forthcoming.

gretta, goat or monkey?

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Think Pink Dana said...

your blog makes me want to raise donkeys.
Could guido be any cuter??