Sunday, August 03, 2008

heat fog.

i don't know what happened to me yesterday. i got up, drove to town for some groceries, started feeling really dizzy. my heart was racing. thought i was gonna throw up. called my husband on my cell in the check-out line cause i thought i was having a panic attack. made it home. got really sick. tried watching some movies. passed out. didn't even hear my in-laws who stopped by. feel really bad cause i had picked them a bunch of tomatoes. got up. could barely walk. ached all over. felt like i did on chemo. fed all the critters. took a shower. a very very hot shower because for some reason even though it's blasted hot outside, i was freezing. got in bed under all the blankets and feel asleep.

woke this morning feeling much better. refreshed and yes, comfortable. it's still hot but i'm ok. don't really know what was wrong with me yesterday. some kind of heat exhaustion fog.

as for the rest of the farm.... the animals have all but given up on frolicking in the wide open pasture. they mostly hang out in the barn and play cards.

"this is my poker face"

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