Monday, August 11, 2008

feeding the GLOPs.

i am dedicating this post to the spectacle that is "feeding the puppies." it seems crazy to still call them puppies. they are big girls now. but i can't quite call them dogs. doesn't seem right. they aren't full grown. and they haven't even had their 1st birthday party yet. they prefer to be called "the gorgeous ladies of pyrenees" or GLOPs. so, GLOPs it is.

the GLOPs, unlike all other barn animals here, do NOT graze on pasture. they try it every so often to see what all the fuss is about. but they prefer diamond dog food. it helps them grow "fat and sleek." however, even though the pups don't like grass, goats LOVE dog food. they love any food, really, if it makes noise and comes out of a bag or a scoop or a dish. ditto the pigs. and the cows. and the donkey. and the llama. they hear the food hit the pan and things get crazy. so, to keep the chaos under control, the dogs get to eat behind closed gates. chaos still ensues, but it is controlled chaos.

who want's some GLOP food?

we do!

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