Saturday, July 26, 2008

attack of the giant hornworm part two.

i haven't seen hide nor hair of the nasty hornworms in a few days. maybe a week. not since the potato beetles moved in. this morning, i was out inspecting the garden after a well needed rain. things were looking pretty good. no beetles. no cutworms. and then....i saw the evidence. the tell-tale droppings. and they were big. i knew this was no meager worm. it was going to be a monster. and there he was. giant and eating two baby tomatoes at the same time. the arrogance! the sheer lack of respect. i didn't know whether to pick him off with my hand and risk losing my fingers or grab the shotgun. i'd rather not discuss the execution. but he is no longer a threat. and i will sleep safter tonight. i wish i could say the same for those baby tomatoes.

caught in the act

he left a trace

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Anonymous said...

larissa, i had one of those guys on my plants too. i noticed the poop first. he blended in so well!
weird things they are.
he was chowing down on that tomato in that pic!

i can't wait to come visit!!!
hope you get some relief from the heat.