Thursday, June 12, 2008

miss chelsea's last waltz.

my cat chelsea is older than time. i spent the afternoon with her yesterday while she lounged outside on the cool carport floor. although it hurts to see her decline, to fade away, i'm glad that she has had the chance to enjoy the wild outdoors, gentle winds, and butterflies. i think it is a perfect retirement. chelsea has been sick for the past three years. nothing has ever been diagnosed. probably just old age. a lot of which hasn't been pretty. i wrestled with the idea of photographing her in her final days. is it something i want to remember? but i think it is just as important as when she was in her prime. it is life. and it is humbling. and it is what is in the future for every living thing.

she still has the pinkest button nose and the softest green eyes. she is amazingly strong. she just keeps on keeping on. but i'm afraid the velvet curtains are ready to close. she will soon take a graceful bow and exit stage left.

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kristi said...

Larissa, you made me cry. Sorry for your loss. Makes me think of my cleo.
very moving post.
love you