Sunday, June 29, 2008

it don't look like much...

but yesterday was a huge milestone. we've been spending the last 9 months cleaning out the barn. the previous farm owners had stockpiled the barn up to the hay loft with layers upon layers of trash. big trash, small trash, heavy trash, nasty trash, rusty trash... you name it. endless junk. and during our first months here, it seemed like an impossible task. we started by cleaning the smaller rooms and stalls. setting up the pig pen, the goat stalls, cleaning out the hospital. and little by little, pile by pile we whittled it down to the dirt floor. yesterday we finally opened up the main room of the barn. our animals are free to go in and out as they like and they have tons of space.

stella's grand entrance

barn opening day appetizers

"there used to be a wall here."

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