Wednesday, May 07, 2008

vegas losses.

i'm back from vegas. and i'm feeling kind of lost. maybe it's just me... but i don't find much joy in that town. it seems shallow. a mall of desperation. crowds of people pacifiying by paying. buying trinkets. buying $500 dollar shoes. buying time. they think they are doing something really crazy but they are only buying a controlled facsimile of crazy. maybe it's just because i've seen some pretty crazy shit. and i never had to pay for it. at least not with legal tender.

i usually dread returning home from vacation. i mope for the last few days. sighing and wishing whatever town i happened to be visiting was where i lived. but not so this time. and yet, i didn't really long to return home either. i wanted to be amazed. and i felt cheated.

i did find some solice in "old vegas" and the desert. we had a drink and played slots with actual quarters at the el cortez. we ate lunch at a cuban restaurant that had a donkey statue on the table. (by the way... our new donkey should be arriving this week if it ever stops raining). we took a drive thru the desert. spotted a spooky cave and pulled over. we hiked up the mountain expecting to find a pack of wild coyotes living off the bones of hobos. but after a long prickly walk, we found only an empty suitcase, some plastic bottles and a stuffed animal.

there is more to this story. but i just don't feel up to it. so i will leave you with a few pictures from my travels.

the desert cave

no hobos, only stuffed ducks

don't touch

old vegas lights

reminds me of home (if it were a snapshot taken from the future)

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