Monday, February 25, 2008

today i am six.

it's amazing what a new life, a farm, a bunch of livestock including 10 baby chickens will do for your health and wellbeing. today i celebrated my 6 year cancerversary! 6 years ago today, i heard the words that no one wants to hear, "you have cancer." and now, here i am living the life of my dreams. building a small farm, playing music, taking photographs, and being happily married to a truly incredible man. the crazy part about it all is that i totally forgot today was my cancerversary. i was just celebrating life because that's what i do. i spent the day working on the house, the barn, feeding my animals, and playing in the snow. this evening, my husband and i sat down to a romantic indian dinner just because. just because that's what i get to do. i choose to do. and i am privileged to do.

it wasn't until i sat down just now and read my email from my sisters that i realized the true meaning of today. i want to thank them for the reminder.


Anonymous said...

Happy Cancerversary Larissa!

I guess it will be six years that we first met on SIS in a few months??

I'm so happy you are living your dream!
you deserve it. your an amazing girl!! love ya kristi

Jumada said...

Congrats on the milestone, LaLa!

I'm so happy you're so happy. You do deserve it. And it sounds sooo beautiful.

Can't wait to see the farm!

Love . . . Judy

Anonymous said...

Happy Crancerversary-- a little late.
this post makes me happy beyond happy.
Life is good.

Kate said...

Congratulations, young lady.

I'm happy that you told the Old Man "I ain't ready."

Now I've gained a friend, my husband's gained a sister, and many animals in Belgrade have a doting mother...and wife. :)

love kate

p.s. I happened upon the Collaborateur website...heh heh heh...Ah the laughs it gave me. Hey man, I loved Chris and Cosey as much as the next girl back in the day.

James said...

Oof. Me so glad you were born and then born again (but, let's insist, not "born-again"). Life is grandisimo, especially when filled with lovely people like you'ns. Peace + harmony to der Belgrade.