Tuesday, February 12, 2008

neither rain nor snow.... nor chicks?

monday morning i awoke to a phone call from the post office. our day old chicks had arrived! we ordered our flock of partridge plymouth rock chicks back in december. we had planned a brooder nest/box in the spare half bathroom. had the heat lamp all ready. what we didn't plan on was being hit by a winter ice storm and having our bionic pups escape the barn on the same morning. terribly bad timing. pups are fine. we wrangled them up from the cow field and brought them inside to avoid the cold. they have been enjoying the warm kitchen floor while destroying stuffed animals and shoes right & left. no pun. the chicks, aren't fairing as well. the ice storm came out of nowhere. it was just 58 degrees here on saturday! and then suddenly, the arctic. baby chickens aren't cut out for the cold. we've already lost several of them. i suppose this would happen regardless of the weather. chicks are fragile. survival of the fittest and all. but it is still sad. there seem to be a strong group of about 13 chicks that are thriving. and their chirps are just about the sweetest sound you can imagine. porkchop & mr daniels beg to differ.

baby chicks

lil'ann & jeliza-rose enjoy the full service kitchen

donkey & choppy are not amused

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