Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new year.

what a year 2007 has been. what a hard year. 3 surgeries. 3 sisters lost. losing leroy. almost losing someone so very very dear to me (my heart aches just thinking about it). car crash. financial rock bottom. what was the grand finale, you ask? how about the escape of our two new llamas. yes, they decided it would be nicer in a farm two lots down the road.

but 2008, i truly believe, is going to be great. i have my family. my health. my farm. my dogs. my music. a new life. and i get to watch that very dear someone smile and laugh again for the first time in weeks.

look out, new year. we've been waiting for you. we are suited in armor, prepared for victory. we will use you up and then some. and come hell or high water, we will get those stubborn llamas back where they belong.

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Anonymous said...

Prayers for all our new year's Larissa. I've missed you too, very much. Here's to hope, healing and so much laughter our sides hurt all day long.

and llamas that stay home (I blame baby snakes)