Thursday, October 04, 2007

october is....

breast cancer awareness month. mr donkey is spreading awareness by sporting a stylish pink ribbon bandana. there are plenty of opportunities to give and learn this month. seek them out. you won't regret it.

and speaking of cancer awareness.... something we hate to think about. and something i can hardly comprehend.... children with cancer. i think cancer is hard enough for an adult. but i can't imagine what a kid must feel going thru such a journey. so this saturday, oct 6, i am playing the rylee's grampa benefit in tower grove park in st louis. donations will go towards camp sunrise at YMCA trout lodge (a camp for kids with cancer).

october is... also the month that i will officially become a country girl. yes, this former city girl is packing her bags and moving to her new farm this weekend. wish me luck. it is darker than dark at night out there. all the roads are 55 miles per hour. and there are no street lights. mr moon, please shine down on me.

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