Saturday, September 22, 2007

why i am leaving ....

i have had it with my neighborhood. crime is everywhere. this week the owner of a nearby convenience store was shot and killed. the house next door (which is being rehabbed) was robbed during broad daylight and the thugs took everything including the wall t0 wall carpet and copper pipes. the breaking straw, however. was buddy. he's a dog that lived next door. his owner abandoned him. the dog was locked for 4 days in the basement before he busted out of a window. we took him in for a little while. he now has a new home. there is actually someone else out here that cares too. a guy one block over spotted buddy and recognized him. apparently buddy had got loose earlier this year and this man had taken him in for 5 days. he said he would take buddy this time for good. happy ending.

i'm hoping next friday will be an equally happy ending (or beginning) for us. we close on our new house, the farm, and a new life. i am looking forward to a quiet and peaceful change.

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Think Pink Dana said...

I'm sorry things are so scary where you are now Larissa. I know EXACTLY how you feel and I will be praying that your move feels as freeing and wonderful as mine did two years ago. I still call this little house my dream house. We need to feel safe in our homes!!!