Thursday, September 06, 2007

my duty as sai baba sees it.

i'm not a religious person. but i do consider myself spiritual. and so as i wait for my test results and try and find some kind of solace, i just don't feel right praying for my own health. i don't think you can make deals with god. i just think you need to try and be the best person you can be. and this quote kind of sums it up.

"Be assured that the Lord has come to save the world from calamity. Your duty is to keep calm, to pray for the happiness and prosperity of all. Do not pray for your own exclusive happiness and say, "Let the rest of the world go to pieces." You cannot be happy when the rest of mankind is unhappy. You are an organic part of the human community. Share your prosperity with others; strive to alleviate the sufferings of others. That is your duty."

- Sai Baba
Divine Discourse, March 17, 1961.

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