Sunday, August 12, 2007

a hot brief update.

my blog has been pretty neglected. st louis has been in a heat warning advisory for the past week. i don't know what i did in a past life. but karma struck again and killed our upstairs air conditioning. we think it's the condenser. who knows? so we've been camping out in the living room downstairs. having a slumber party with all the animals. meanwhile the poor computer is left by its lonesome to sweat it out upstairs until further notice.

since it's hotter than hell up here. i'm gonna make this brief.

we've put a contract on a 1930s farm house complete with 7 fenced acres of pasture, a pool and two big ol' barns. hopefully we will know monday if our bid is accepted.

i've been getting used to my scar (see updated pic).

we are finishing mixing on the new wormwood scrubs album "warrovish". some songs have already been posted on our myspace page.

and the bestest news of all, i get to have my very first colonoscopy this week thanks to some GI bleeding.

- larissa

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Bonnie said...

Just checking on you. ((HUGS))