Sunday, June 10, 2007

16 tracks, budweiser, & barbeque.

this week wormwood scrubs was hauled off in the studio working on the new album. after a few coolers of domestic beer and several days in blistering heat, things got weird. before i knew it, i was sitting in the dark, crossed-legged on the floor, in the midst of a fife and drum solo while ghost dogs took over the control room. one of which was later captured on film.

today we emerged from seclusion and insantity. nothing cures mental illness better than barbeque. chewy and mutt were charming hosts. and i even captured a pic of the camera shy mutt whilst he was in repose.

ghost dog of the studio.

oh, chewy.

the ever so handsome, mutt.

1 comment:

Kristi said...

When can your crew come visit again? please, please! Different house, but same company.
Nina and (my blind bo) steve say hello to porkchop.
Tell Jason that I NEED to hear more of his take on Mitch Hedburg!
miss you guys.
love kristi