Sunday, May 20, 2007

fat sunday.

today was a good day spent driving down country roads, feeding cows, laughing with friends, playing with dogs, and eating lots and lots of smokey meat. the afternoon commenced with a trip to visit my newly acquired vintage four wheel all terrain monster, tentatively called "big red" (but that is just a working title). next we headed to our friend bryan's for a washington county barbecue to rival all barbecues. there were turkey legs, brats, chunky ribs, burgers, sausages, chops, tater salad, beans, and slaw. when the dinner bell rang, bryan tried to warn kate of the impending dog stampede but to no avail. she was overcome while daisy, the world's roundest beagle watched and drooled.

big red

aw stanley, you made a happy bottle!

"watch out, here comes the dog brigade!"

they got kate.

the end.

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