Monday, March 19, 2007

how i spent my birthday.

i kicked off my birthday weekend with benign biopsy results. what a relief! i figured that deserved some celebratin'. so mom and i went out friday for some pints of bitter at a local welsh pub. and i pretended i was back in the UK.

then saturday morning....

mr donkey helped me open presents

then we drove to joe & linda's tater patch in rolla, mo

to see our friends the dirty 30s play
and i did my leprechaun-prince impression

then jason did his gene simmons impression

then i blew out the candles on my completely truthful cake

then choppy got irish

then amber did too (ew... choppy was just wearing that!)


Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Larissa
I love the
Tell your mom I said Hello.
Love kristi

Amber said...

All those pictures are great...but was the one of me really necessary? I think not. Especially one where I'm either growling or screaming.

Anonymous said...

i am SO SAD i missed your DAY!