Friday, December 15, 2006

i believe.

it's been a long time since i checked the fireplace for footprints. i stopped believing in santa in the 5th grade. i gave up believing in a lot of things back then. there is point in your life when you no longer believe in magic and fairytales. when the mystery goes out like a candle. you grow up and start worrying about responsibilities and not so much about the ghost in the attic. you lay awake at night and worry about your health, or the health of your spouse. you worry about money. you worry about the future. you gather up loose change to pay for gas. you eat spaghettios because it's all you can afford. and you wonder how there could possibly be a christmas this year. and then the mail man comes...

and there in the middle of a stack of bills is an envelope with no return address. inside is a $100 gift certificate for groceries. and the card says, "to larissa and jason, from santa". and you smile the biggest childlike smile. and you have hope. and you are filled with cheer. and you believe.

thank you, santa.

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