Sunday, October 08, 2006

day three.

glossop square.

day three began with a drive to the quaint town of glossop. purchased batteries & cables from woolworths. had some chips and cheese from a pukka pie stand. sat down in glossup square. ate lunch. fed ravenous birds.

drove to accrington where we were playing that night at the attic. arrived plenty early and decided to do some shopping. found a wonderful semi-outdoor market called "the arcade" where nick was shortly accosted by a wild rabbit. and i purchased my very own pair of UTB jeans. (the boys had been noticing a strange phenomenon: all the UK girls were sporting jeans where the back seam rides rather high, much like a thong, making the jeans go "up the butt". and the term UTB was coined). downed a few pints at the pub next to the arcade while the boys tried to impress the russian waitress.

set up for our show at the attic. met our fabulous promotor john winstanley. used some herbal throat-spray and participated in bizarre vocal and acrobatic warm-ups with the gringos backstage in the kitchen. watched the gringos kick ass onstage. kicked some ass ourselves. after the show was over watched as the town of accrington disintegrated into a mad riot including a show-down between conolly the giant irish bouncer and a rather drunk polish man. ate some more chips. left nick and matt (upon their request) to fend for themselves in the apocolyptic accrington. and the rest of us drove off into the sunrise to the nearest welcome break.

ravenous glossop birds.

nick shows no fear.

utb me.

our band posters up at the attic.

bitter anyone?

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Amber said...

strange that the boys noticed the UTB trend...who'da thought they'd be lookin at anybody's butt?