Friday, September 29, 2006

day one.

rolled into london around 11am. met up with tour-mates (gringo star) and hopped a train to chelsea. checked into 639 hostel (next to a creepy old cemetary and the infamous wormwood scrubs prison believe it or not). hopped a train downtown to pick up cds. ate a bacon buddy (sandwich) with brown sauce. became addicted to brown sauce. hopped train back to hostel but got stuck at piccadilly station. after 15minutes of swealtering heat, hailed a cab. found out later that someone thru themselves on the tracks. bad omen?

freshened up at hostel and hed out to the royal crown pub. downed pints of bitter. i have no idea why it's called bitter because it's as smooth as silk. got lost on train ride back. bought a beef pasty at the train station. made it back to 639. headed up to our 8bed dorm. settled in. noticed nick was missing. passed out.

639 hostel.

gringos matt and nick catch up on local gossip heading southbound.

the royal crown.

which way is back?

where's nick?


Geeky Gal said...

looks like fun already -- and it's only day one! ;^)

love that graveyard photo. it would probably look awesome in b&w

Nancy said...

Welcome back! We had super hot weather in Paris too. Those trains were stifling!! I look forward to reading more :-)