Sunday, August 20, 2006

sealions, dog guests, and geese! oh my!

even geese walk for a cure

kristi and little nina-like dog

serrano hotel guest

another serrano hotel guest

a hotel guest that looks a lot like the chopper!

even looks like chopper from the back!

sign outside ravenswood winery (can deers read?)

took this pic for jason (who would NOT be able to stay off hills)

pier 39 sea lions

a lone sea lion (also reminds me of porkchop)

making friends with a seagull

i had extra shrimp

reminded me of steve and nina

when i got back to st louis, i realized half of my pictures were of animals. for starters, the serrano hotel was a pet friendly hotel. and i couldn't help myself. i was like the pet-paparazzi. everytime a dog walked thru the lobby i reached for my camera. i'm pretty sure i won't be allowed back at that hotel. but it was worth it. the highlight was a little beagle that beared a striking resemblance to porkchop.

i also enjoyed the sealions at pier 39. wish i had video. the sound of their barking was overwhelming. i called jason from the docks and held the phone out to him so he could hear.

on the way back from pier 39, my mom and i stopped for some beer and shrimp at an outside cafe. i was mesmerized by the seagulls. what is my deal with animals??? i saved them some shrimp and made friends. i'm sure they will remember me if i ever return.


Anonymous said...

im sure they would remember you no matter what. thank god daddy wasnt there. i wouldve lost my father to a rattlesnake bite. glad to see that there is no lack of animals in sf. and that dog did look strikingly like the chop.

Laurel said...

Another reason you and Jason need to come to L.A.!!!! I have video of the sea lions at pier 39...sound bites and all...oh and Josh and my mom doing pretty darn good imitations of them too!!!!

Anonymous said...

That dog looked a lil thin to be Pork Chop!