Monday, May 01, 2006

our first wedding anniversary.

this weekend jason and i celebrated our first wedding anniversary. we both went traditional (paper) with our gifts. i got jason a rare 2nd edition of "spring & all" by william carlos williams. carlos williams is jason's favorite poet. we used a quote from "spring & all" for our wedding favors. and jason gave me a $1000 (cash, small bills - that i'm holding in the photo) shopping spree! jason knows i am frugal. and i never spend money on myself. he wanted me to go hog wild this weekend. get a new wardrobe. eat lobster. whatever i fancied. it was a lot of fun. i came home with a bunch of new clothes, sunglasses, an antique chair, a new quilt, and more... and the food! oh we had lobster and crab and champagne, and filet mignon, and imported belgium chocolates. we ended the weekend with a toast from a bottle of chianti we bought in italy on our honeymoon. perfect.


Think Pink Dana said...

love the chair
love willaim carlos williams!

that Jason is a good and wise man!

Kristi said...

larissa & Jason, Happy Anniversary!!
that anniversary celebration sounds SO awesome. I'm glad you got to treat yourself!
It will be 3 years for me and earle May 9th!
love kristi

Nancy said...

Omigod it's been a year?? It sounds like a wonderful anniversary - love the chair, love the quilt. Happy Anniversary!! We will celebrate our 20th this September. Hard to believe

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary!
I have an idea on how to spend that cool grand...SF!!!!!!!!