Tuesday, May 30, 2006

hey loretta.

jason, amber, and i went down south this weekend to see the first lady of country music, loretta lynn perform at her ranch in hurricane mills, tennnessee. we tried to go last year but she canceled due to illness. it was definitely worth the wait. she was amazing. her shows at the ranch are kind of laid back with many of her children joining her on stage for duets. and it's all by request only. the audience calls out tunes and she and her band play 'em even if they don't remember how they go. i was in awe. even though her body is frail, her voice is as strong as ever. and what really got me was the gospel medly she did. she sang, "everybody wants to go to heaven", "who says god is dead" and "how great thow art". when i was going thru chemo, jason got me a copy of loretta lynn's "hymns" and i listened to it religiously (no pun intended). and to hear it live, well... for not being a religious person, i felt truly blessed.

we also visited the lynn family flea market where loretta's daughters betty sue and sissy were working. betty sue was walking around talking to people and making sure people noticed her new husband (a skeleton in a tuxedo that sits in a rocking chair in the back of the shop). she says, "he's the best husband i've ever had". the lynns are all crazy as loons that's why i like 'em so much. i purchased an antique set of squirrel salt n pepper shakers autographed by loretta. and an antique holly hobby cookie jar. i'd been wanting a cookie jar to keep dog treats in. sissy was working the cash register and talking incessantly, admiriing all my purchases. she gave me some free mango candy on the way out. it was surreal.

after that we drove to memphis for the afternoon. we stood outside graceland, went to the elvis mall. then headed to beale street for some live music and barbeque. we purchased essential oils and candles from tater reds and smelled like hippies all the way home. amber even drove some.

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Nancy said...

The show sounds great - fun :-) But I have to object to the Holly Hobby cookie jar being labeled antique - ahem - that was MY era!!! Isn't teaching teens to drive an adventure?? I age a little bit every time we get in the car!