Sunday, February 19, 2006

welcome home mr daniels.

it was presidents day weekend. lots of sales going on. and jason and i ventured out to see if we could get a good deal on some new furniture and some exercise equipment. we returned with a vintage guitar amp and a giant black & tan coonhound from the APA!!!! wasn't it john lennnon said life is what happens when you are busy making plans?

jason had been wanting to get his own dog for years. and we also thought porkchop could use a buddy. but wanted to wait until we had a house and a yard. well, since that's been got, we thought since we were out and about we'd stop in the APA and take a look. not figuring we'd find anything. jason wanted a big dog, perhaps a dane. we looked at the puppies first, then the big dogs. most of the dogs we saw were pit-bull mixes and i'm just really too hip on tenancious breeds. i wanted a gentle giant. then if fate didn't just hit us over the head!....we are turning the corner of the last aisle of big dogs, when we saw the name "CHOPPER". then we saw this beautiful hound dog. the size of a dane, but the look of a beagle. we asked if we could meet him. he just seemed perfect. he's like a giant porkchop. the rest is history. although we had to change his name to mr daniels to protect the innocent (porkchop aka chopper).

there are still two more days of sales. perhaps we'll make it back out to the stores. but in the meantime, mr daniels is big enough to be furniture and sure is keeping us (including porkchop) well exercised chasing him around the house and yard.


Nancy said...

it was meant to be. He's beautiful and the chopster will love having a pal. Bella and Renzo send hugs and kisses

Laura said...

Welcome home Mr. Daniels!!! Congrats on your new addition! It looks like Porkchop made him feel right at home... :o)

Kristi Collins said...

he is so cute. he does look like a big porkchop. i can't believe his name said chopper! too funny.

its so great when exciting new things happen that you don't expect.

can't wait to meet him
love kristi

Think Pink Dana said...

welcome to the Dalle house!