Sunday, January 15, 2006


a special thanks to all your well wishes on the purchase of our new home. to answer some questions:

1. yes, chopper loves his new crib. he already found something really nasty in the backyard and rolled around in it.

2. the place is a two-family that we are converting to a one family. we have a little bit of demo work to do before we move. so no pics until afterwards. but i will say you can expect.... a clawfoot tub, 2 decorative art-deco fireplaces, hardwood floors, and original pocket-doors.

3. we have a privacy fence in the backyard so the cats and dog (oh, and us) will actually get to enjoy the outdoors. mmm.... fresh air!

4. we move first week of february.

oh and i forgot to mention the most awesome part........ central air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Think Pink Dana said...

**waits expectantly for first pics**

Nancy said...

Take lots of pictures during demo so you can look back on how crazy it was. I'm so happy for you guys!