Wednesday, November 09, 2005

multiple crashes.

first it started with the computer. i was in photoshop editing some new pic of porkchop doing something i obviously thought was so adorable at the time that i had to post it immediately on my blog, when... crash! all was lost. the whole computer shut down. all the photos of chop, of italy, of everything, gone. what do i do? freak out! cry. make my self sick. convince myself it is the end of the world.

luckily my husband stays calm and cool. he used his head and a borrowed hard-drive to retrieve the lost photos and documents and saved them to disks. praise jason! we still need to rebuild our old hard drive. but at least we have all the pieces.

then, last week, on the way to work, i was waiting to merge with traffic, at a yield sign, when... crash #2 happened. hit from behind. that horrible sound. metal on metal. there's nothing like it. it's dreadful. plus, whiplash sucks! so now, i get to deal with insurance companies, doctors, and auto repairs, etc... plus, i really wish i would have changed those cds out of my cd player before the accident. i have some real crap in there! and the cd player is in the trunk. and the trunk is sealed shut by the misplaced bumper.

then, on the way to work this monday, what do i get? a flat tire. and guess what is in the trunk? yep, the spare tire. along with a pile of clothes that i meant to take to the dry cleaner last year. a bunch of crappy cds. choppers life-jacket. a sleeping bag. and a box that holds a kit to build somekind of stringed instrument that one might find at a renaissance festival which my mom gave me which i've been meaning to put together one of these days. so poor jason has to pull all this stuff through the back seat in order to get to the spare. i wasn't with him while he tackled this, but i'm sure there was some good old fashioned cursing going on.

so now, i'm riding around with the contents of my trunk in my back seat. a spare tire in the front seat. and the same crappy cds in the cd player.

hopefully this weekend, i am going to get a new car. jason has an eddie bauer explorer he was going to sell. but i think we are going to fix my car and sell that instead. we will rebuild the computer. i will finally be able to share those awesome shots of porkchop particpating in unbelievably cute antics. i will dontate those drycleaning clothes to charity (if i haven't worn them in over a year, i must not like them that much). purchase some new cds. and vow to keep my new car clean.


Anonymous said...
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Kristi Collins said...

sounds like a comedy show! i hope your ok. at least you can find humor in it all!

porkchop needs that life jacket ya know..

love kristi

jen griggs said...

hey larissa- yep, bored at work and searching for people of old. hope you are doing alright! congrats on the wedding, btw. :)

-jen g.